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Street + nr.Graaf H. Goethalslaan 29
City9840 De Pinte
Telephone+32 472 983 552
Descriptionba'sil is a Belgian company specialized in innovative high-qualitative food supplements for the internal care of hair, skin and nails. We choose firmly for scientifically tested and patented food ingredients, with easily absorbable keratin and silicic acid mixed with collagen. Our active ingredients are made in Monaco, France. Our products are formulated and tested in Belgium and packed in Germany.
Products/ services1. Food For Hair: For hair growth and overall health of your hair with some additional beneficial effect on the skin. 2. ba'sil Care: For hair growth. This product does not contain vitamins but special proteins. Proteins which are from major importance for the construction of new cells for the skin, hair and nails. 3. Hair Men Age Perfect: For healthy optimum hair & beard growth and re-growth of natural hair color. 4. Hair Skin Nail Boost: Gives you your daily dose of scientifically-tested good absorbable silicon. Silicon is essential for the construction of the most prominent protein in our skin: collagen. 5. Sun Kissed Skin: For a perfect tan! Contains natural melanin. Prepares the skin internally for exposure to UV-rays from sunlight. Good to know: daily use of sun kissed skin does not mean that you don’t have to put on sunscreen.