Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame is a photo contest for professional hairdressers. Any hairdresser can participate by transmitting his application and his creation on the site of sky. A professional and specialized jury will make a carefully considered selection and will then give the opportunity to the visitors of The Hair Games to make their voice heard.

Download the contest rules 2020.
Applications to participate at the Wall of Fame are closed.

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Congratulations to all participants!


Preselections Startech’s

The Startech’s are an annual event to promote manual trades through competitions. Maybe you will be part of the Belgian Team that will defend the flag in 2020?
The young Belgians selected will demonstrate their excellence against 28 other countries.

So, sign up to represent your profession at the national level and, who knows, maybe at the international level! Official entries for Startech will be open on October,

Preselections EuroSkills Graz 2020

6 finalists :
– Juliette WYPORSKI (Quartier Saint Anne Wanfercée Baulet)
– Chelsea VAN DEN BERG (Geoganic Hasselt)
– Alexandre STAMATIADIS (IFAPME Liège)
– Ozge OZBEK (Quartier Saint Anne Wanfercée Baulet)
– Mélusine SIMON (Efp)

2 reserves :
– Salvator MAITA (IFAPME Liège)

Congratulations to all participants!


Start-up Battle
Looks, business, marketing

Lancer une entreprise dans le monde de la coiffure va bien plus loin que les coupes et colorations. Une gestion efficace est au moins tout aussi essentielle. Et mieux vaut s’y intéresser sérieusement avant de lancer son entreprise.

La Start-up battle est, dès lors, un concours complet destiné aux apprentis de l’enseignement belge en orientation coiffure. Talent artistique et esprit commercial seront évalués. Les équipes relèveront une épreuve artistique sur un thème imposé et sous la direction d’un coach, d’une part, et présenteront un business plan, d’autre part. Un business plan est, en effet, indispensable pour se lancer de manière réfléchie en tant qu’indépendant.

 → Download the contest rules 2020 (French only)
 → Download the questionnaire (French only)

Applications to participate at the Start-up Battle are closed.

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Congratulations to all participants!

The Hairdresser of the Year

For the second time at The Hair Games, The Hairdresser of the Year will be chosen. Each participant creates four hairstyles for each of the following categories: ladies’ cut, men’s cut, color, avant-garde (one photo per category).
These creations must be inspired on the Golden Disc Dress by Paco Rabanne.
During the Show & Dinner at The Hair Games on 26/01/2020, the nominees will give a show to present their four creations on models.

 → Download the contest rules 2020

Applications for The Hairdresser of the Year 2020 are closed.
Good luck to all participants!